18 Reasons to Use Coir Logs for Beach Erosion

Hey guys! Thank for checking in! Clay Redding here and today the road takes me to Cloverdale, Indiana to meet with Michael who is having a little trouble with beach erosion.
Michael contacted Granite Environmental with the following questions:
"I have a beach that is very prone to boat wakes and waves from the wind and need something quite beefy to protect from the shore from erosion.I want to place coir logs along a lake shore? I have a 140 feet shoreline to cover. I don't know the slope in in degrees but it's quite gradual. Would this work and what sizes do you have available?"
The Granite Tech Team contacted Michael with the good news that coir logs would be an excellent solution for beach erosion on the shoreline. Coir Logs come in 10 foot lengths with a diameter of 12", 16", and 20". The standard 12" logs were recommended.
Now I've been asked before, "What's the big deal with this coconut fiber stuff?" Folks, this is just a glimpse into the greatest of coir...

Why Use Coir Logs?
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  1. Coir has high tensile strength which protects steep surfaces from heavy flows and debris movement.
  2. Coir Geotextile has three to five years longevity which allows for full plant and soil establishment, natural invasion and land stabilization.
  3. Being 100% natural and bio-degradable, coir fiber functions as a soil amendment
  4. Water absorbent coir fiber acts as mulch on the surface and as a wick in the soil mantle.
  5. The excellent micro-climate coir provides for plant establishment, natural invasion and balanced healthy growth.
  6. Coir meshes provides restoration of terrestrial and aquatic riparian habitat.
  7. Coir has the characteristic of being environmentally responsible and aesthetically pleasing.
  8. Capable of being customized to specific requirements/technical specifications according to the topographical conditions.
  9. Faster binding of soil
  10. Naturally resistant to mold & rot, hence needs no chemical treatment
  11. Excellent air and water permeability
  12. Enough sunlight passes through
  13. Holds the seeds and saplings in place
  14. Excellent medium for quick vegetation
  15. Degrades over a period of time 2 to 5 years
  16. Allows for deep rooting of plants and provides nutrients
  17. Easy to install and follows the contour of the soil surface
  18. Eco-friendly and non-polluting
I'm Clay Redding and I'll see you down the road!

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