5 Deeds That Disrupt River Bank Protection

Good Afternoon! Professor Loam here. So glad to have you with me today as we talk about river bank protection.

river bank erosion controlRiver Bank erosion has several causes with even more factors that can accelerate it. The5 deeds that disrupt river bank protection are:
  1. Flooding
  2. Land Use
  3. Lack of Stream Management
  4. Poorly Managed Sand and Gravel Extraction
  5. Over-clearing of Catchment and Stream Bank Vegetation

river bank erosion controlRiver bank erosion occurs both naturally and through human impact. Rivers and streams are dynamic systems as they are constantly hanging. The natural process of riverbank erosion can produce favorable outcomes such as the formation of productive floodplains and alluvial terraces.Even stable rivers have some amount of erosion occurring, however, unstable rivers and the erosion taking place on those banks are a cause for concern.
Want to see a river bank protection success story? Check out the Tale of Buffalo River!

Factors That Accelerate Erosion:
  • Stream bed lowering or infill
  • Flooding of bank soils followed by rapid drops in flow
  • Saturation of banks from off-stream source
  • Redirections and acceleration of flow within the channel
  • Poor soil drainage
  • Wave action
  • Excessive sand/gravel extraction
  • Intense water from rainfall
So how do we prevent these river bank protection disruptions? Some solutions are easier than others. We can't exactly ask the rain to hold off, but we can take preventative measures. Ask us about our Stream Bank Restoration White Paper. Best of all? It's FREE!
I'll see you next time, and remember, Don't Let Your Knowledge Erode!

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Unknown said...

Hi. I am a Graduate Student working on a project with stream bank stabilization. I have a question here. What is the exact terminology for the logs in the water in the second picture here? Also, if I can have access to a few papers (like the one you mention here- Stream Bank Restoration White Paper), it would be really helpful.