Erosion Control Solutions | Coir Log

When looking for a way to control erosion in areas like streambanks, shorelines, restoration areas, or even slopes, a common erosion control solution has been the biodegradable, all-natural coir log. This coir product features densely packed coir fiber that has been placed into a circular, tube-style outer netting. Acting together, this forms a high strength log that has been used to restore banks and vegetation.

The coir material is well known for its natural look and versatile product use. While it can be used to form such products as coir mats and coir wattles, the coir log is particularly useful in areas that require high strength and continued resistance to waves and water flow.  As opposed to an erosion control mat, the coir erosion control log has a higher height and creates a whole barrier for erosion control and shore stabilization.

Where have Coir Logs been used?

Coir logs are a versatile product that have been used for erosion and sediment control, to reinforce streams and other water areas. Some places you might find these erosion control logs include:
  • Along Eroding Stream Banks
  • Beach Shoreline Restoration
  • Slopes Requiring Re-Vegetation
  • Marsh Areas in Restoration Process
These erosion control rolls are densely packed, allowing them to withstand being stood on or other demanding conditions. While logs on their own can stabilize your area, they are also often used in conjunction with native plants to help leave a stable surrounding area. This helps to provide a long-term stabilization process for after coir logs biodegrade.

What are some advantages to a Coir Log?

Biodegradable: One of the many advantages of using any coir product, is its ability to naturally biodegrade. This particular product has a biodegradation time of anywhere from two to five years depending on your conditions and coir log use. This is long enough to successfully reinforce banks while providing enough time for vegetation to take root.

Natural: In addition to its ability to biodegrade, the coir log also contains a natural quality. The coir fiber used for these logs is produced using coconut husks. This means it will not harm wildlife or other natural resources in the surrounding areas.

Natural Resistances and Abilities: The erosion control log also has many natural resistances including a high resistance to mold and rotting. This has allowed the erosion control log to hold up during long term water use, while also providing a natural medium for plant establishment, quick vegetation, seed holding, deep rooting, and restoration of terrestrial and aquatic habitats.

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