Erosion News That Defines Irony

Good afternoon! Thanks for “tuning in”. I’m Terra Firma with the latest dirt in erosion news. Today’s story takes us to Bellingham, Washington where the Nooksack River is making headlines!
This bit of erosion news is a beautiful piece of irony with an ugly outcome.

In 2006, crews installed thirty logs along the river bank and chained them to boulders. Why? The intention was to have the logs protect the river bank and highway, above it, from erosion.
So where’s the irony? The logs are now actually creating the soil erosion.
Seven of the logs have become dislodged about four miles east of Maple Falls. Strider Construction was hired through an emergency contract to remove the troublesome logs. The logs were going to be detached from the boulders and left on the shore for the river to wash away, according to DOT spokesman Dustin Terpening.
Terpening also believes that the remaining logs are still protecting the river bank and highway, as was the intention.
My two cents? Sure. The remaining logs will protect, but for how long? If seven of them became dislodged in just a few years, the others will find their way out too. My prediction is that it won’t be long before the Nooksack River pops up again in erosion news.
I’m Terra Firma and this has been your daily dose of dirt.

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