Erosion Solutions in Our Own Backyards

What’s up! Clay Redding reporting on erosion solutions from the road! Today I’m hanging out with Sandra and her husband, Ken, from Grayling, MI. Now I know it seems like erosion is a problem that doesn’t necessarily hit home, but it is closer than you think, literally. Sandra and Ken know this all too well.
She and her husband have a beautiful home on Lake Margrethe, but the eroding bank was threatening the loss of their cedar trees. Sandra, Ken, and neighbor Art struggled with solutions for over seven years. Other neighbors were using wood and cement walls. They decided to tackle the problem herself using coir as their vehicle on the road to erosion recovery, but I’ll let Sandra  tell you about it…
“The lakeshore in front of our house was an eyesore. We were having difficulty with erosion control on the shore. Land owners in the 50's used old tires to solve the problem, but not only did it look terrible, it wasn't environmentally beneficial.
We consulted our local Department of Natural Resources & Environment office and they mentioned coir.  I found  Granite Environmental, Inc. on the web and they were extremely helpful in walking us through  a better solution for our 200 feet of bank erosion. They suggested their all-natural coconut logs and blankets. Based on our needs and expectations, together, we determined that 16" Coir Logs and the Semi-Permanent Erosion Control Blanket would do the best job.
The coir logs prevented further erosion and the coir blanket allowed us to plant seedlings to provide future control of the erosion. The coir materials were secured with oak stakes.
Because this is a large lake with ice breakup in the spring we also contracted  our local excavator, Jack Milliken, Inc. to bring in rock.  We placed the rock on the non-woven, permeable groundcover that was recommended under and in front of the coir logs, ensuring that the rock wouldn't sink into the beach sand.
As we began our project, our neighbors took interest. The concept, relative ease of installation, environmental benefits and the low cost inspired us both. We teamed up and completed both properties at the same time. Not only did we solve the problem, but we had fun doing the installation at the same time.”

So there you have it folks! Erosion can take place right in our back yards, but there are manageable and attainable erosion solutions available to turn an ugly duckling into a swan!


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