Removing Sediment from a DOT Silt Fence

Clay Redding here taking a question on DOT Silt Fence.
A client from Atlanta, GA asked, "I am looking for a DOT silt fence to use as a BMP on my site. How often would I need to remove sediment from the fence? "
To keep your silt fence working at the highest capacity possible, you will want to maintain a strict schedule for inspecting your fence. In general, inspecting your fence once a week is a good practice. You will also want to inspect the fence after a rainfall event. 

When inspecting your fence, you should first check for gaps or tears. If they are visible in your silt barrier, you will want to have them replaced or fixed immediate.
Next you should check how much sediment has built up around the sediment fence. If this amount has reached anywhere from one-third to one-half (1/3 to 1/2) the height of the fence, it needs to be removed.
You would also need to removed sediment more frequently if it is causing your fence to strain.

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