The Truth Behind Effects of Erosion

Terra Firma here with the latest dirt! Yesterday, Professor Loam hit the books with the causes and effects of erosion, but how does it really affect us? We can read facts and statistics all day long, but until we see it right before our eyes, it doesn’t always sink in…no pun intended.
For one county, the effects of erosion are all too real, and I’ve got the inside scoop!
In Newport, AR eroding roads are causing a great deal of problems for drivers, namely emergency vehicles. The area located on Jackson County Road 4, which runs alongside the White River, is in terrible condition. For years, residents have watched the bank dwindle away. You used to be able to walk right over to the river and enjoy the beautiful view. Now you are stopped by “Caution Tape”, but can still get a glimpse of pieces of the road and its old signs at the bottom of the twenty foot drop.
Not only do the 150 nearby residents lose the functionally and beauty of the White River, but their safety is also jeopardized! The county has a serious flood problem. The condition of the riverbank and its nearby road endangers both the residents and the emergency personnel on duty to assist them. Men, women, and children are trapped by high waters on one side and a great deal of risk is involved with getting emergency vehicles to them.
So why doesn’t the road just get fixed? County Judge Jeff Phillips says, “It’s just not in the budget.” Attacking erosion problems early is the ticket to not spending $250,000 years later. Establishing vegetation is the most effective form of erosion control. Companies like Propex and Granite Environmental offer a variety of products like turf reinforcement mats, woven geotextiles, non woven geotextiles, and all natural coconut coir that will help stabilize the soil and facilitate this growth; but we all know plant growth can take time, which, clearly Newport Arkansas does not have.
What’s the moral of the story? Start erosion control measures when erosion starts. Turn a blind eye and water will end up over the bridge instead of under.
I'm Terra Firma and this has been your daily dose of dirt.

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