Seven Big Benefits of Corrugated Steel Tanks

Having a water storage solution is a critical part of any government emergency plan, a guard against utility failures or contamination of existing resources. Severe weather events, especially floods, can cut off the supply of safe drinking water to large populations. That’s where tanks play an important role. They dispense urgently needed water during crisis situations, quickly and reliably.

Above-ground tanks come in a wide range of materials, such as fiberglass, plastic, and steel. Some are collapsible, such as pillow tanks and onion tanks. These are good choices for fold-able, easy-to-store tanks that can come out at a moment’s notice.

Corrugated steel tanks, on the other hand, are a fixed, more permanent option.

Benefits of Steel

There are many advantages to our corrugated storage tanks that make them the preferred solution in various applications. They are an excellent choice, not only for emergencies, but also on construction sites where they meet fire suppression requirements. Additionally, they often function as a means of rainwater collection and storage.

Corrugated steel tanks are easy to construct. Two technicians can usually erect one in a day’s time. The distinct benefits of these tanks include:
  1. Long life: Corrugated steel tanks have much greater lifespan than tanks made of plastic or concrete, which is why the ones available at GEI Works carry a 20-year or 30-year warranty. Their durability and resistance to rust help give them superior longevity. With steel corrugated tanks, there’s no sensitivity to UV rays that break down other materials over time. The tanks stay in use after other products have long exceeded their life cycles.
  2. Toughness: These tanks resist a number of environmental factors that can damage other models. The corrugated steel construction stands up well against high winds (up to 95 miles per hour) and winter storms. Such ruggedness is an important quality during disasters, when weather can exert great stress. The tank’s flexible liner holds fluids without fracturing under environmental forces.
  3. High capacity: Corrugated steel tanks come in a range of standards sizes, with larger models that hold over 600,000 gallons. Regardless of need, there’s a tank size to fit each application.
  4. Ability to accommodate add-ons: With a corrugated steel tank, you can add a number of useful accessories – for example, side ladders, platforms, safety cages, and handrails
  5. Affordability: Compared to other kinds of tanks with similar capacity – for example, one-piece steel tanks – the corrugated model is a highly, cost-effective option.
  6. Ease of shipping: The process of shipping corrugated steel tanks is simpler and more cost-effective than large, one-piece tanks. Because the corrugated steel tank is assembled on site, the shipping size is about 1 percent of its final size after installation.
  7. Wide range of uses: Corrugated tanks hold more than just water. Tank farms store oil, wastewater, sand, detergent, livestock feed, and many other products. These tanks are also used widely in fracking, mining and related operations. Such versatility makes corrugated steel tanks a popular choice for a broad array of uses.

Depending on your application, a corrugated steel tank may be the most suitable option for your needs. To find out more about storage tanks, contact the experts at GEI Works. Call (+1) 772-646-0597 or toll free at (888) 703-9889 for detailed information about these sturdy, versatile tanks.

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