What's so hot about safety cabinets?

Safety storage cabinets, the industry standard for containment of potentially damaging or harmful liquids, chemicals, or solids. Designed for hazardous and flammable storage, safety cabinets come in four conventional designs, flammable cabinet, paint and ink, acid and corrosives, and pesticides, these safety cabinets seek to contain dangerous matter in the case of a fire, spill, or disastrous event. Each cabinet is roughly the same in design and customizability, but it is their color that differentiates each cabinet.

  • Flammable Safety Cabinets – These powder-coat yellow cabinets are designated for flammable storage by their coloring.
  • Ink and Paint Storage Cabinet – Denoted by the red color, these cabinets notify an individual that paint and/or ink may be contained within
  • Corrosive and Acid Storage Cabinets – Designated by the powder coated blue paint with red lettered signage, the cabinets give a visual cue to workers that these cabinets may contain harmful acids or corrosive materials.
  • Pesticide Storage Cabinets – The green coating of paint indicates these cabinets are for the storage of dangerous pesticides and/or fertilizers.

Each cabinet is designed to meet FM, OSHA, NFPA Code No. 30 and UFC 79 standards for storage of liquids and chemicals within a facility. They come in three unique sealing options, Double Manually Closing Doors, Double Self Closing Bi-Fold Doors, and a Single Manually Closing Door. With the first alternative, the two doors can open to a full 180 degrees and offer the largest capacity range, from 22 to 120 gallons. The second choice, self-closing doors, has the unique feature of automatically closing when the temperature reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, there is a fusible link that will melt with this elevated temperature to seal the cabinet and keep all contents inside to prevent contamination or potential explosions. And the last option, single door and manually closing, is designed for compact spaces for tighter installation areas without sacrificing durability and security. Safety cabinets are also ideal for 55-gallon drum storage, in addition to having the potential of being outfitted with a containment bladder for additional spill mitigation and containment.
Additionally, each cabinet is commonly equipped with insulating air space inside, flame arrestor vents, adjustable shelves, and a three-point locking system, making safety cabinets nearly impervious to conventional fires and theft!

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Bonus fact: Did you know that “flammable” and “inflammable” share the same definition?

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