Hurricane Essentials for Businesses

Prepare Your Company Today for Tomorrow’s Disasters

Hurricane season is in full swing with Florence on the East Coast, Isaac in the Caribbean, and Helene churning the Atlantic. Are you ready? 

During hurricane season, June 1st to November 30th, storm preparation is constantly on your mind, and one eye is always on the Atlantic. A hurricane supply list awaits when you walk into any store. There are also a number of guides and precautionary plans available, telling you how to equip your home, gather your hurricane supplies, and prepare your life.

But what about your business?

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Businesses may require special equipment or perhaps just a larger supply of the usual items. Here are a few hurricane essentials to help your business weather the storm.

TarpsAs one of the most versatile hurricane essentials, tarps are excellent to have around for day-to-day use, in addition to storm preparation and recovery. Tarps can cover and protect equipment both indoors and outdoors, using tie-downs, bricks, sandbags, or other securing equipment. Roof damage can be protected during storm recovery. During clean-up, tarps are excellent for collecting and disposing of debris.

Sandbags In any potential flood areas around the building, such as low-lying areas of the parking lot or near ineffective drains, sandbags are one of the hurricane essentials needed during your flood preparation. Place filled sandbags parallel to the expected flow of water to keep areas as dry and clear as possible. In conjunction with specialized door blocks, sandbags can also be used indoors to help seal water entry points in to the facility. GEI Works offers a number of sizes depending on your needs.

Flood Barriers – Larger facilities may need something a bit more heavy duty than sandbags. The flood wall offers easy installation and more protective coverage. It would take 8,000 sandbags to equal one 100-foot section of flood barrier. Simply unfold the wall where needed and fill with heavy sediment (sand, gravel, crushed stone, etc.). If necessary, the barrier can even be made permanent by using concrete. Now you’re ready to stand against the water. 

Safety CabinetsMany businesses deal with some kind of flammable or corrosive materials such as pesticides, paint, acids, and more. These liquids should always be kept properly stored in any situation; however, during a major storm, it is paramount to ensure hazardous materials are kept safe, making the right cabinet one of your hurricane essentials. There are cabinets specifically designed for different liquids and hazardous materials. Find the one best suited for your business and keep everything secure.

Spill Kits – If the worst happens and your hazardous materials escape during or after the storm, spill kits are one of the hurricane essentials to keep nearby. The kits contain all the pads, socks, bags, and other clean-up equipment you might need. If absolutely necessary, some of the absorbents in your kit could also be used to help shore up small water leaks during the storm. Be ready for any circumstance.

Fuel TanksMany businesses and facilities have company vehicles, forklifts, generators, and other gas-requiring equipment. During a hurricane or flood, many gas stations run out of product, and it can take weeks before gas trailers can get through. Having a filled reserve fuel tank on site will allow your business to keep running while recovery efforts take place. There are a variety of options to choose, from a 15 gallon gas kart to a 50,000 gallon steel tank.

Water TanksBoth small and large businesses need to take care of their employees. Whether it’s potable or non-potable water, employees will need a source of both while working during recovery operations, especially if the local water supply is unavailable or contaminated. Having water tanks on site can give any business piece of mind when a hurricane rolls around. There are many options, including flexible, temporary, poly, steel, and more.

The right equipment can determine the survival of your business from a hurricane. Complete your hurricane supply list and make sure you have the right hurricane essentials for your facility.

For more information on hurricane supplies and flood preparation, visit our Emergency Supplies page.

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