NEW Product Solutions from GEI Works for October

What are these two new mystery products? Read below to find out!

At GEI Works, we are always on the look out for new ideas and answers to problems and issues plaguing our customers. With that in mind, moving forward we will have blog posts that will cover new products we’re bringing to you each month.

Follow our GEI Works Blog and Facebook page to hear more about our upcoming product to market announcements. GEI Works is proud to add two new products to our line during the month of October!

Steel Mobile Fuel Tank

Our mobile storage tank makes an ideal solution for the transportation of combustible Class III liquids, such as diesel fuel, motor oil, and liquid wastes. From agricultural areas and farms to industrial facilities and construction sites, these versatile mobile tanks are used for a variety of applications.  Emergency fuel storage during a crisis becomes easy to facilitate, and keeping far-flung equipment serviced and running is no longer a hassle.

GEI Works wants to provide the right portable fuel tank for every situation. To that end, we have both non-DOT and DOT-approved trailer models. Large farms, nurseries, and ranches may not require a highway-ready trailer, but they still need to get fuel to equipment throughout the acreage. Contractors with multiple job sites have equipment spread out all over the city that must be fully fueled for the day’s work. Our mobile fuel tanks are excellent environmental solutions to both scenarios.

One of the most exciting features of our mobile storage trailer is the round tank baffle system. Unlike square or elliptical tanks, the round design evenly distributes the stress of fuel surging during transportation. Depending on the size of the tank—500 or 1,000 gallons—we offer single and double baffle systems respectively. The baffle system slows the movement even more, adding yet another level of safety. Combined with all the other features and options, the mobile fuel tank is one of the best on the market today.

View our individual web pages for details on each mobile fuel tank model, size, and  specifications.

Oil Spill Containment Valve

The oil spill containment valve makes an exciting addition to our secondary containment line of products. GEI Works has always been committed to providing environmental solutions for the prevention and containment of oil spills both on land and in water. Designed to fit in most containment sumps and oil-water separators, the oil stop valve keeps spills and accidents from becoming major disasters.

The oil spill containment valve fits within an oil containment system as part of a water discharge system. Everything runs smoothly as long as only water flows through the discharge pipe. The moment oil enters the system, the valve seals itself off, blocking the spill from escaping. With only one moving part—the ballasted float—the oil containment valve works even during a blackout.

Custom sizes and options allow the oil stop valve to work almost anywhere. Sizing can range from 4” to 12”, and since oil spill prevention isn’t limited to just one area of the world, we offer both steel models and PVC models for the oil spill containment valve. For colder climates or areas with higher fire risks, steel construction provides more stability and a lower freezing possibility. We also have a freeze protection package option for both models.

Spill clean up and remediation are major concerns for a number of industries. Oil storage hubs and fuel transportation companies keep thousands of gallons of oil in their facilities at any one time. Military bases and utility companies make use of enormous amounts of oil. All it takes is one small mistake, and millions of dollars in fines and restitution are on the line. The oil containment valve adds another level of security to the oil containment system of each industry, saving time and money, as well as the environment.

We’re always proud to share our plans, ideas, and results with our customers and the community. For these and more of our environmental solutions, visit our webpage at

Check back with us in November to see what new product solutions we are releasing next!