Introducing Two New Product Solutions for November

We are announcing two more new products this month. Can you guess what they are? Read below to find out what these products can do for you!

As our customers bring us new problems to solve, we look for new product solutions that can help. GEI Works has over a decade of experience in erosion control, water pollution prevention, facility management, and large scale storage. Our product and sourcing specialists are on a mission to constantly find new, innovative ways to help. As promised, we have two more new product solutions to announce for the month of November.

Dock Fenders – Heavy Duty Protection for Boats and Docks

The inflatable boat bumpers from GEI Works are built to last while protecting boats and docks from minor collision damage. They protect small boats, yachts, boat slips, and heavy use docks. Military and police patrol craft use boat fenders to protect their hulls during routine patrol stops. They can be installed horizontally or vertically, so fenders can also function as piling bumpers. They can even help as cushions while rafting several boats together.

All our dock fender product solutions are constructed from mold resistant, marine-grade black Elvaloy with a gray PVC cover. Each one has a Boston-style valve for inflation and deflation with a pump. Diameter options are 12, 18, and 24 inches with standard lengths available in 8, 10, or 12 feet. Custom lengths can be ordered for yachts, commercial boats, and research vessels. All inflatable boat bumpers also have seatbelt-grade nylon webbing with side release buckles.

The boat fenders have a number of appealing features for both seasonal and year-round sailors. They are designed for repeated inflations, so boaters and yachtsmen don’t need to worry about buying new fenders every year. Simply deflate the bumper, fold it up, and store until needed. The UV-resistant fabric contains marine life inhibitors, so they can be left in the water for long periods of time. Boat fenders also act as shock absorbers to prevent damage to the gelcoat and hull when coming into dock, regardless of boating experience.

FIBC Bulk Bags – Large Multi-Use Storage Containers

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC) are used in a variety of industries as product solutions for a number of applications. From grains and coffee to gravel and soil, these food grade bulk bags work well to hold and store large amounts of material. By connecting multiple units, they can even form a flood barrier. With so many uses, FIBC bulk bags make an excellent addition to our product line.

Three different construction models are available, each with different advantages and disadvantages. The most common style, U-Panel, features 3 body panels forming the bag body. One long fabric piece forms two sides and the bottom, while two smaller pieces make up the additional sides. As the industry standard, the U-Panel maintains its square shape when filled. The other models, 4-Panel and Circular, are constructed as their names imply. The 4-Panel uses 4 individual pieces to create bag sides, while the Circular has one tubular piece forming all sides. With more stitches in the sift-proof seams than the rest, the 4-Panel is more prone to seam failure but keeps the square shape better than any other model. The Circular style has the fewest stitches but is less likely to stay in a square shape when completely filled.

Beyond construction style, GEI Works offers other options as well. Capacities range from 2,200 to 4,000 lbs., depending on construction style and dimension. Either corner and cross-corner lift loops are used for transport by pallet jack or forklift. FIBC bulk bags can be either coated or non-coated for different applications and uses. For example, as a flood barrier, bags would need to be coated to reduce moisture intrusion. Coated bags are also necessary for our food grade bulk bags, as they use an FDA-approved 100% virgin polypropylene material. Uncoated bags work better for erosion control purposes, such as gravel bags, as they allow for filtration.

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What will we launch next? Remember to come back to our blog again soon for more new product announcements!