Welcome to the new and improved GEI Works Blog!

Hello and thank you for joining us on the official blog of GEI Works!

Our blog has been resurfaced and redesigned from the former Granite Environmental, Inc. style to the improved design you see today. References to Granite Environmental, Inc., with the exception of the blog address, have been changed to GEI Works to match our company name. Furthermore, on the right sidebar there are links to all of our social media accounts so you can stay up-to-date with everything GEI Works, so be sure to visit our Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages!

Activity on our blog has been sporadic in the past, but from here on out you can expect regular updates from us as we share with you new information about containment, pollution prevention, liquid storage, erosion control, trade shows, and the latest news about GEI Works.

Be sure to join in the conversation on our social media accounts, as we greatly value your feedback and support. Check back next week for the first of many posts right here on the GEI Works Blog!

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