Agricultural Water Trailers: "Water you waiting for?"

The Argo Water Trailer by GEI Works is often known for its dust suppression, firefighting, and liquid transport capabilities. Water trailers can function on construction sites, farms, and arenas by fitting the appropriate hose, nozzle and spray bar to a polyethylene tank, and while the water trailer excels at these tasks, the agricultural industry has popularized water trailers for the following seven uses:
Argo Water Trailer Spray Bar
1.    Mash spreading – Corn mash can be loaded into our water trailers with the addition of a few modifications to the pumping system of the water trailer. This mash can then be delivered to various locations and used as livestock feed. Often, this makes use of a common byproduct of distilleries.

2.     Pesticide application – Pesticides can be mixed into the water supply in the tank then sprayed onto the applicable crops. While there are often larger scale methods of accomplishing this, using a water trailer offers a more flexible method of application, along with the mobility of water transport.

3.     Odor suppression – With the use of certain organic cleaners, Argo Water Trailers can be optimized to eliminate odors on livestock and agricultural farms. It can be as simple as including a concentrated organic cleaner in the water reservoir of the trailer and applying it to a designated area.

4.     Biofertilization – As part of organic farming methods, biofertilization of crops is on the rise. Blue-green algae biofertilizer can pumped out of our water trailer in a similar fashion as a hydroseeding application, then distributed onto applicable crop fields for enriching the available nutrient levels
Hydroseeding and biofertilization capabilities
5.    Hydroseeding – Hydroseeding decreases erosion and enriches the soil by distributing a mixture of seed, fertilizer, and mulch. Often used to prevent soil erosion, hydroseeding mixtures can be applied to fields and hillsides to prevent the erosion of cropland from water and wind.

6.   Livestock watering – Livestock watering is one of the simplest, but most important application for Argo trailers in the agricultural industry. Each water trailer comes standard with the capability of containing potable drinking water and, because of its mobility, can deliver this water to a location on-demand.
Orange grove icing
7.     Crop protection –Water trailers can be used for crop protection in the winter. In Florida, for example, farmers will spray down orange trees if the temperature will reach freezing that night. Crop icing isn’t limited to just oranges, however, as mangoes, avocados, strawberries, limes, and even corn can survive frost and freezing temperatures through the icing process. Read more here.

The agricultural industry is as vast as it is varied, and GEI Works strives to meet or exceed the needs of farmers and livestock owners. To learn more about product solutions by GEI Works, check out our  Water Trailers, Livestock Troughs, or CitrusTubs.

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