Spill Containment Products | Secondary Containment Berm

Containment Berm for Oil When working on oil fields or mining locations, there are often several items that have the potential to leak while in operation. One way to deal with this issue of secondary containment is through the use of the secondary spill berm. Unlike a liner or other ground protector, the spill berm often includes walls that help to completely contain liquids that may leak or seep out of various parts.

Secondary Containment Berm Structure

A secondary containment berm can come in many different styles or constructions. Some berms require a manual installation of the aluminum angle brackets, while other berms simply include foam walls that can be driven over. In general, a berm will typically include a liner and berm wall that allows for complete containment of your products.

Secondary Containment Berm in Oil Fields

While the secondary spill berm is available in several different styles, a great option for oil fields would be the aluminum angle model. When dealing with leaks or machinery, the aluminum angle berm can offer the increased benefit of rigid or firm walls that help to properly contain liquids that can leak from valves, hydraulic lines, or pumps. Additionally, berms offer long-term use that helps to successfully contain items for extended periods of time.
During hydraulic fracturing or other oil, gas, and mining operations, berms can be used in several different areas under parts, tools, storage vessels and more. Containment berms have been placed in many locations including under the following:
  • Pumps
  • Valves
  • Storage Tanks
  • Frac Tanks
  • Water Tanks
  • Vehicles
  • Machinery
  • Tools

Aluminum angle berms have been used as a drive through unit by adjusting a wall of the berm to allow vehicles to drive over the unit. In order to drive your vehicle onto the containment area, aluminum angles would need to be removed from the entrance wall of the berm. This will allow the wall to lie flat for vehicles to drive over. Once your object is in place, angles can be inserted back into the wall to reform the berm wall.

Benefits of a Containment Berm

The spill containment berm is an economical way to help you stay in compliance and protect liquids from seeping into the ground during the oil field process. When compared to other ground liners or secondary containment options, the containment berm offers the additional benefit of walls to contain large amounts of liquids.
Use of these berms can help protect the ground from pollution, quickly contain spills, and provide secondary containment for storage items.