Filtering stormwater and protecting the Indian River.

It’s refreshing to see sustainable environmental products used right here in our own back yard. GEI Works manufactures and ships environmental products all over the world; however, there is a special sense of pride when we see our products being used in our home town of Sebastian,Florida.

“They’re working great” says Chris Pinson of PinsonContractor Services of Sebastian, FL. He’s referring to the Taurus brand of over-the-grate filters manufactured by GEI Works, Inc. It’s challenging for construction companies to keep soil laden  stormwater, and pollutants from exiting the job site during construction, not to mention during Florida’s frequent storm events. Even with the best perimeter practices in play, there will inevitably be natural events that cause site discharge and runoff to escape.

We have to think “outside the box” or “outside the site perimeter”, if you will, when it comes to protecting our lakes, rivers and streams. When storm drains are taxed with debris, soil, sediment and trash, they are defenseless in preventing these aggregates from entering estuaries.  Stormwater drains are meant for rain, which is why we have designed the Taurus Over Grate Filter to reduce pollutants from entering storm drains.

Chris is working on a project to provide additional parking in a busy area next to the Indian River in Sebastian, FL. There are a number of popular restaurants along the river bank on Indian River Drive including Tiki Bar, Captain Hiram’s, Squid Lips and Mulligans. This job site is on undeveloped property, which makes soil disruption a necessary element of development. Chris states “The city of Sebastian is very focused on protecting the Indian River from unwanted nutrients due to site run-off. They love the Taurus over grate filters. As a contractor, I like that the product works and is easy to install. What’s more, it makes the inspectors happy”.

Pictured below: The Taurus Over Grate Filter fits over the top of the stormwater drain grate. It allows water to flow into the storm drain while filtering sediment and debris. These filters are currently protecting the storm drains located downstream from the above mentioned construction site. Taurus Under Grate Filters are equally effective and available for high traffic construction areas.  Equally capable, Taurus Curb Inlet Filters catch debris inside curb drains.

For more than a decade, GEI Works, Inc. has been providing quality made products to the construction industry, emergency response agencies, spill clean up companies and many others. GEI Works, Inc. is proud to be an environmentally conscience company, and proud to call Sebastian, Florida home.

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