Why Do Shrimp Taste So Good?

It's the "Golden Water"  used for farming  shrimp.

The salt water stock is referred to as "Brine" and "Golden Water",  rich with nutrients and energy for the pacific white shrimp according to Florida Organic Aquaculture, LLC. It provides a natural source of nutrients and qualities  to a controlled shrimp raising  process.  It will be  harvested from a water treatment facility and stored in a 10,000 gallon poly tank. The shrimp farm will pump the 'brine' from the tank to a truck which will transport the golden water to the shrimp farm.

The project consisted of an aluminum angle berm whose purpose would be to  catch any spill of the brine during the transfer from the tank to a truck used to transport the brine. The berm was spec'd to contain 110% of the tank contents and measured 15' x 50'. It was fitted with a valve that could be opened to release any rain water that collected during the life of the project. Standing water in the berm would not only delay the extraction time of the brine but could also enable the breeding of mosquitoes.  The aluminum angle frames would be removed from one end of the berm in order for the truck to enter after which they would be replaced to ensure the berm captured any over spill or leaks from the pumping process of the brine from the tank to the truck.  An underlayment of geotextile was also used under the berm to reduce punctures and damage to the berm from rocks or other ground debris. Additionally, plywood "runners" and additional geotextile was suggested to be used to create a "track" for the path of the truck tires. This will help to prevent punctures or other damage to the berm. It was also recommended that the driver brush or clean any debris from the trucks tire tread before entering the berm.

The tank was a 10k gallon poly tank with a 24" vented manway  opening on the top and a release valve fitting  at the bottom front of tank.

GEI Works installed the berm in place prior to the delivery of the tank which was set in place using a crane.