Trash Boom | Floating Containment Booms

An interesting product for many of our customers is the debris and trash boom. Similar in design to an oil boom or silt barrier, many customers wonder what exactly these booms can be used for and if their conditions are applicable for the boom.
floating trash barriersIn general, the Floating Debris Boom is a highly versatile containment option used to control floating debris, trash, small timbers, branches, seaweed, aquatic plants and more.  Similar in design to an oil containment boom, standard design for these booms will include the following:
  • PVC Fabric
  • Section Lengths (50 or 100 feet)
  • Short Skirt
  • Ballast Chain
  • Flotation Collar
These highly adaptable booms are used in multiple water conditions to contain items that are floating in or potentially causing harm to surrounding areas. Booms have been used to contain a wide range of options, with some common applications including:
  • Aquatic Plant Containment
  • Intake Protection 
  • Entrance Control
  • Dock Debris Containment
  • Containment of Debris in Rivers
  • Shoreline Debris Containment
  • Ice Containment
  • Demarcation in Swim Areas
  • Seaweed  Containment
  • Jelly Fish Containment
  • Floating Log Containment 
  • Lake Debris Protection
  • Trash and Pollution Control

Common Debris Boom Questions

In addition to questions regarding applications and locations for these booms, commonly asked questions also include the following:
Question: Does the debris boom only come in yellow?
Answer: No. Due to its frequent use among plants and aquatic life, booms can also be made in darker colors such as black, green or blue.  Yellow is the standard option due to visibility requirements for use in locations with water traffic.

Question: What conditions can a trash boom be used in?
Answer: Similar to our other booms and barriers, the debris boom is available for multiple  water conditions including moving currents, calm waters, and some tides. Anytime you are looking for debris boom, silt barrier, oil boom, or other pollution control device, it is always helpful to provide your water conditions. This helps us to help you with anchoring requirements or other deployment issues you may need to consider.
For more information on the debris boom, please check out the Trash and Debris Boom Page.