Six Advantages of GEI Works Dewatering Products

What is dewatering? 

Dewatering – The process of removing water from a solid material or particulates. Dewatering is made possible through the use of various dewatering equipment, such as belt presses, centrifuges, geotextiles, or rotary vacuums. Dewatering is also referred to as unwatering, water control groundwater control, sludge dewatering, construction dewatering, or construction site dewatering.
 Taurus dewatering products by GEI Worksdewatering filter bag

Our dewatering products are made from a rugged, needle punched, nonwoven geotextile fabric. Dewatering filter bags, drain filter socks and sludge tubes are an easy, economical solution to control the amount of sediment that leaves a factory or job site. These dewatering products help you stay in compliance with stormwater regulations. Dewatering products also filter non-stormwater such as: water from cofferdams, water diversions, ground water and water used during construction projects.

Advantages of geotextile dewatering bags

Cost Effectiveness
Dewatering bags are a small investment compared to more permanent mechanical dewaterers as a result of their disposability. This is achieved through a simple design of a hose coupling and a water-permeable geo-textile.

When not filled, GEI Works dewatering bags can be folded easily and stored for future use. Once sediment has filled the bag, it can be picked up and transported, depending on weight, to an appropriate dumping location. Or, the bag may be allowed to dry on-site and then cut open to reintegrate the solids into the surroundings.

Product Availability
Given the foldable design and cost, water control bags by GEI Works can be manufactured and shipped in very short time frames.

Ease of Use
Dewatering bags can be set up or transported away by just one person. With their simple design, all you have to do is unfold the bag, attach the hose, and begin dewatering!

Ease of Particulate Recyclability
Although the bags are not reusable, the separated particulates can find use in a variety of applications, including landscaping and agriculture. For example, dewatered silt is high in nutrients, making it an ideal soil amendment for various types of plants and vegetation.

Low Energy Input
The use of a geotextile allows for passive separation of water and solid matter, which means dewatering bags require the lowest energy input out of all other commercial dewatering products. Simply pump the water and allow the bag to do the rest!

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