3 Reasons to Invest in Portable Water Storage Tanks

How Water Storage Tanks Can Save Money, Time, and Lives

Having access to water is essential. 

Whether that water is for drinking, landscaping, or for extinguishing wildfires, having a portable water supply is important to do your job faster and easier. Investing in a portable water storage tank will provide access to water in situations when it is needed most.

Here are five reasons your business needs to invest in a portable water storage tank.

1. Transport water in emergency situations.

When emergencies arise that limit our access to water, having our own supply is imperative. When roads are flooded after a hurricane and clean water is a scarce commodity, having an on-hand, portable water storage tank could be a lifesaver.

These tanks are made from highly resistant polyethylene materials that range in capacity size from 210 to 465 gallons. If you need to transport drinking water, the interior of these tanks can be coated to meet FDA standards for safe drinking water.

There are also larger options for emergency water transport.The Argo water trailer is designed to access off-road farms and remote locations. One benefit of this trailer is its ability to quickly access and address bale, cotton, or grass fires.

2. Clean off dirty equipment.

Sometimes the most important thing for your business is to safely transport water around for various tasks. 

Equipment gets dirty and needs to be washed down after work is completed or employees need water in remote locations. Whatever the reason, a DOT compliant water tank trailer is a solution to your water transporting needs.

Our 500 gallon Argo water tank trailer is equipped to handle many of your water storage requirements. 

Made with high strength polyethylene, the tank is situated on a DOT compliant trailer and outfitted with hoses, pumps, and spray equipment. These tank trailers are resistant to rust and corrosion, and are ideal for remote areas.

3.  Fight fires in rural areas.

When a fire breaks out in a remote area, emergency services might not be able to make it to your location before the fire spreads to buildings, damages other property, or harms people and animals. Having a portable fire protection water storage tank allows you to transport water anywhere on your property and in other rural locations. A portable storage tank with high capacities provides greater resources to put out any fires that should occur.

Our fire suppression water trailers are equipped with a 25-foot hose and 2-inch pump with a Honda engine for fire prevention. The polyethylene tank is designed for off-road use to handle the most remote of locations. This tank trailer’s hose has the ability to target spray areas and also cover large amounts of ground with an adjustable spray bar. 

The tank’s black color is an added benefit. Because light is blocked from reaching the water, it reduces the likelihood of algae forming in the tank. You can also use this tank as a reserve

Choosing Your Portable Water Storage Tank

Whatever the water needs are for your business site, having a portable water storage tank will save you time, money, and worry in the long run. Whether this tank is 200 or 1,600 gallons, choosing the size and type of tank will depend on your business applications, needs, and goals.

Do you want to know what kind of portable water storage tank solution is right for you? 

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