How Will You Celebrate Earth Day 2011?

 Earth Day 2011 (Friday, April 22) is coming in just a few days! Do you know how you are celebrating this year?
Let's be honest, we all love participating in Earth Day, but who has the time to go out and plant a tree, make a special stop at the recycling plant for a tour, or head down to the beach for a clean-up?
The International Erosion Control Associate comes to the rescue with their "Save Our International Land" (SOIL) Fund launched in 2008. The mission of the fund is to "provide a permanent funding source fro programs and projects that improve environmental quality through education, research, and applied technology."
In honor of Earth Day 2011, IECA is offering a quick and easy way to celebrate, by supporting the SOIL Fund. How can you help?
So if you can't make it outside or on site for celebration, take a minute and check out this opportunity to give back on such a special and utterly important day.

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