Turbidity Curtain Installation in 3 Easy Steps

Did you know that turbidity curtain installation can be done in 3 simple steps? Follow this simple guide for successful deployment!

Prior to installation, when unloading the curtains from the truck, DO NOT cut or untie the vinyl bundle straps before you place them down on the proper space. Find an area with adequate space near the shore where you can place each bundle approximately 15-10 inches apart from each other. At this point, it is safe to untie/cut the bundle straps.

Step 1: Attach the bottom chain of the silt curtain via shackle or snap hook for section one to the bottom chain or rind of Section 2.

Step 2: Slide together the aluminum extrusion and connectors of your type 2 or 3 turbidity curtain (SKIP this step for a type 1 curtain). Insert the toggle pin.

Step 3: Use the rope ties or heavy duty zip ties to tie one grommet eye of one silt barrier section to the aligned eye of the mating section. Repeat for entire skirt depth.

  • The turbidity curtain should be furled/reefed up to the flotation by tying a reefing line around the flotation log. This will make it easier to maneuver when towing to position.
  • When towing the curtain into the water, take care not to allow the curtain to become twisted.
  • Avoid sharp objects or areas that may damage the curtain when deploying it.

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